SGN School


21, Aug, 2018

at SGN School School
in UK (city), California (state)
UK (country)

"I LOVE LIFE!" "I LOVE ME!" DAY is a school-wide day/event where students celebrate things about life as well as celebrate things about themselves. The primary objectives are: to promote more positive energy and positive interactions among students on campus; and, to help students develop a positive outlook on life and become more confident in their ability to become the person they want to be.

Much like a science fair, but not necessarily as elaborate, students have a variety of options for the type of project or format they can use to express themselves. They, for example, can write a narrative style essay, poem or journal entry. Or, they can create a song, skit or visual display such as artwork, a painting, or a poster. Most importantly, the students project must include a minimum of: "4 Things They Love about Life"; and, a minimum of "4 Things They Love about Themselves."

“I LOVE LIFE! I LOVE ME!” DAY is a 1-Week Celebration that culminates with a day for students to present and display the projects they have worked on. On this web page, we also be highlighting different projects created by students.